Delivery to Turkmenistan by the market leader

Delivery to Turkmenistan: we save time and shorten the distance

Delivery to TurkmenistanIn May 2010, the President of Turkmenistan G. Berdimuhamedov declared the “State economic strategy”. The main task set by the President, was as follows, “Our main goal is effective integration of Turkmenistan economy into the global community.” And there are all prerequisites for this!” After his visit to Ashgabat Deputy Director of the IMF H. Shinohara confirmed that positive fiscal balance and growth rates allow making the most favorable forecasts…

Original and rich in natural resources Turkmenistan attracts large and medium businesses. The share of foreign investment in the energy (and not only energy) sector has been steadily growing. Logisticians have enough work — large-scale projects provide increased freight, delivery to Turkmenistan is in high demand.

A little secret of our company, How does Customs Technologies Group easily deliver cargo?

Customs Technologies Group provides services of cargo delivery to Turkmenistan for more than five years. Analysis of the actual performance in the very beginning of operation has set priorities and a direction of development of our company.

What attracts business owners interested in cargo delivery?

Of course, the following:

  • Shipping to Turkmenistan with impeccable fulfilment of obligations, terms and conditions;
  • Low risks;
  • And no force majeures!


Fulfillment of these conditions is possible for a logistics company if:

  • Operating with the impeccable knowledge and compliance with the legislation of Turkmenistan;
  • Excellent navigation in the current realities;
  • Considering specifics and respecting traditions of the country of operation.


All of the above, in addition to the standard set — professionalism, experience, responsibility and integrity. All these Customs Technologies successfully implements in practice. How?

  • Our company has it’s own production base and a fleet of special equipment on the territory of Turkmenistan;
  • Office in Ashgabat;
  • Offices in large industrial centers.


Your cargo + our delivery to Turkmenistan = success of your business

What experts of Customs Technologies offer to their customers for successful realization of business projects?

  • Transportation by road, rail, sea and air. Multimodal transport (using the ferry port in the town of Turkmenbashi);
  • Customs Technologies also arranges delivery of oversize and LCL cargo, all modes of transportation are carried out in accordance with CIP, CPT, DAF, FCA;
  • Providing comprehensive logistics services for a business project;
  • Certification of imported goods/cargo in Turkmenstandartlary, closing contracts at the GTS Exchange, customs clearance in Turkmenistan;
  • Delivery of cargo cleaned from customs/risks (DDP services) to the recipient in Turkmenistan;
  • Unloading by vehicles of our own fleet;


Prices for cargo delivery to Turkmenistan

Air transportation
from 2,5$ per 1 kg
minimal tariff - 55kg
export formalities 360$
certificate of origin 190$
Truck delivery
starting from 3700$ per 20 ton truck
83-120 m3 tented trailers
export formalities 360$
certificate of origin 190$
LCL shipments
starting from 0,33$ per 1 kg
export formalities 360$
certificate of origin 190$

All you need is successfully implemented by us on the territory of the Russian Federation and Turkmenistan!

You can get a price offer or a consultation on english by the following contacts:

Office: +7 (495) 152-32-22
Cell phone (viber and line including): +7 (985) 361-7124
Skype: konopeshko