Shipping to Tajikistan of commercial goods

Shipping to Tajikistan

Our company expresses its respect and thanks for your attention extended to us. For over 10 years we are shipping a variety of goods to Tajikistan, in many ways of transportation. We propose to get acquainted with a variety of our services and explore pricing policy for the delivery to Tajikistan services and our customs solutions.

In order to save some of your precious time, we just give a small sign with the service and the following is a brief information about the tariffs.


Our services for Tajikistan:

  • professional exporter (contract holder);
  • customs broker for export operations in Russia;
  • air shipping to Dushanbe including airport management on departure;
  • truck delivery by own transport;
  • groupage warehouse in Moscow and lcl shipments;
  • railway delivery of goods to Tajikistan;
  • registration of export permits and certificates of origin for the products;
  • delivery of goods through Kyrgyzstan to Rogun.


Our pricing for Tajikistan services

by air
3,3$ per 1 kg
minimal tariff - 55kg
export formalities 230$
certificate of origin 190$
by truck
4000$ per 20 ton truck
83-120 m3 trailer
export formalities 230$
certificate of origin 190$
lcl shipments
starting from 0,35$ per 1 kg
export formalities 230$
certificate of origin 190$

Our advantages, or why cooperation with the company «Customs technologies» is profitable for you:

  • First, because our main business principles — punctuality and accuracy. Nothing extraordinary, just on-time shipping to Tajikistan with a great scale of additional services and solutions.We have our own proven scheme by which delivery of goods in Tajikistan is carried out in exactly the specified time;
  • The ability to solve problems, to calculate all the risks in advance;
  • We are always focused on our customers. The customer is always right, but also has the right to build the business relationship style that is comfortable;
  • Shipping to Tajikistan by our company is carried out with no restrictions on the complexity of goods or customs restrictions;
  • We have our own trucks and trailers, customs department and project team!


Different transport modes to Tajikistan:

Air shipments to Tajikistan:

We transport goods from any city of Russia to Dushanbe — using air transportation method when it’s necessary. Pick any at any point of Russia and send the goods to the departure airport on the route. We make customs clearance and issue certificates of origin for the shipped goods. Also our company helps to buy goods in Russia and can act as an official exporter.

Prices for air delivery and the very possibility of delivery depends on the size and weight of packages and prices are shown in the pivot table above.

I would like to draw your attention that we are taking an additional fee for the closure of the export declaration, if the goods are not released at the airport customs! Pre-check with the manager all the issues related to customs, to make an application.

Minimum lot size — 55 kg.

Truck service:

Group of companies «Customs technologies» has its own rolling stock of trucks. Capacity trailer transport up to 120m3, capacity up to 22 tons. The maximum height of 2.8-2.9 meters of cargo. Also our company renders services on delivery of cargoes to Tajikistan at reasonable prices and good delivery timings.

Please note that the lcl cargo shipments are beings done from our warehouse in Moscow.

Shipping by refrigerator truck:

If the cargo requires special temperature conditions, the delivery is carried out in Tajikistan by refrigerators. The temperature is maintained in these trucks in the range from -30 to 30 and controlled by a thermograph. We deliver products from Russia to Tajikistan under the temperature conditions.

Delivery of oversized cargo to Tajikistan:

«Customs technologies» has extensive experience in delivering oversize and heavy cargo. These shipments require special equipment for loading, unloading and transporting — special trailers and platforms. Group of managers promptly issues all permits, performs all the necessary preliminary agreements, organizes support traffic by police if needed.

Transportation of Dangerous goods:

In this case, it is necessary to obtain special permission ahead, the vehicle must have a permit for DG shipping of needed categories. Loading and unloading operations are carried out only with the use of personal protective wear and equipment. Part of our company’s vehicles have a permit for the transport of dangerous goods to Tajikistan. Please attach a safety data sheet for the transported products upon request.

The company «Customs technologies» provide customized transportation and ensure safety and compliance with deadlines. Please contact us, and your business will always be ahead and in time.

You can get a price offer or a consultation on english by the following contacts:

Office: +7 (495) 152-32-22
Cell phone (viber and line including): +7 (985) 361-7124
Skype: konopeshko